Monday, May 02, 2011

Why on Earth....

can't I remember my information to sign into this account!? I had something I wanted to blog about. However, I go so frustrated trying to log in, now I have completely forgotten what that was! Oh well!

Monday, March 21, 2011

For My Reader!

So I am checking in here because a certain person asked what know who you are. ;) My only reader.

Brandon was fine. The black eye didn't even last very long. The worst part is that he broke his glasses and they are backordered so he is still wearing contacts. This is a problem because he is s o s l o w in the morning and it adds to his morning routine. Plus, although last year he hated glasses so I had to pay $120 every three months for contacts, this year he decided he hates contacts so now he complains every morning because contacts suck. ::sigh:: He's such a pain in the butt!

The only other thing going on is that I have started trying to get in shape. Since the beginning of the school year I have gained 10 pounds. Now I know some people would say "big deal" to this. However, my pants are all too tight and I don't feel like buying all new clothes! Plus, I have never had an issue with weight in my life so I am hating this! I joined a place that has yoga, pilates and spinning, I figure I can handle those things! The last organized exercise I did was kickboxing and I think I would feel way too old to be there. I felt way too old last time and that was 6 years ago. I get ideas in my head that I will just do stuff at home but I won't. If I even motivate myself to do it, as soon as it starts to get difficult I say "ok, I'm done". Yeah, lame, I know.

If I go to a class, I won't leave because I would be way too embarrassed. Plus, I will go because I am paying for it so I can't justify not going. So far I have been to five yoga classes and two spinning classes. The spinning classes are so hard for me right now. I am tired after ten minutes. It's pathetic! But...I won't leave so I just struggle through. The first time the instructor said the goal was to just keep pedaling the whole time. So I did that. Today I kept pedaling and I actually stood a few times, increased my resistance on "hills" more and did some of the jumps. But it about killed me. I was pretty sure I was going to throw up! Hopefully next time I can do a little more. And although I hate getting up early, I think the Saturday 8am class may be the best option for me. Trying to do that after being on my feet all day may be more than I can take right now!

Yoga on Wednesday.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Waiting Around...

So I came home today to Brandon with a busted up face because he crashed his bike into a tree. Of course he wasn't wearing his helmet. Why would he be, we've only told him a million times we expect him to wear it every time. He only wears it when he is at the skate park because there is adult supervision there and they have to. Rob took him to the emergency room. I want to make sure he doesn't have a concussion. When you hit your face so hard you have a black eye, that's not a good sign. He is also complaining about his wrist hurting so I want to make sure that's not broken. Spindly little things!

So, they have been there for a little over two hours. Since Rob is no longer answering my texts I assume that means he is being seen or getting x-rays or something. Hopefully they will be home soon. I just want to go to bed!

I think I am over the BMX riding.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

High School

Thank God I am done with that! The evil that is teenaged girls still amazes me. Why are they so crazy? I know I did some things that I would never do as an adult, but when I decided I was not going to be friends with someone anymore, at least I didn't say "hey, and while I am at it, I think I'll spread rumors about her".

I had a message on Facebook today asking me where I took my daughter to get her nipples pierced. Some people are saying that girl Alii did it. Now, the profile it came from, no picture, no info at all...yeah, that's not made up. Now, I don't think Aly has her nipples pierced, she says she doesn't, and I am sure as hell not going to tell her to show me! She was told "no visible piercings" so, even if they are, she followed the rules.

All I can think is that these girls are now trying to get her in trouble at home since they have so far been unable to get her in trouble at school. Which they did, told the VP that she stole hair dye, the teacher went down and said "no, she asked and I said she could take it." So, that didn't work, let's try getting her in trouble with mom. Ugh! I am so annoyed right now.

Has she done some nonsense, of course she has. However, she is not a mean person (well, except to her brother but he's evil to her so it's deserved). I have been told through all of school, from pre-school even, about what a nice girl she is. How she is so kind to her peers, she is helpful, etc. I have never had another parent say complain, never had a complaint from school. I guess she seems like an easy target. Let's all stop being her friend and spread rumors about her.

Thursday, February 03, 2011


I am so tired of being cold! When summer comes, I will not complain about being hot. I never complain about being hot. People say "you can always put more clothes on". Guess what, no, I really can't. According to the thermometer on the refrigerator, it is 81 in here, I am shivering. Why? Because I was cold most of the day and I haven't gotten warm yet, even though I have been sitting here for close to 2 hours. The past 45 minutes I have had a blanket wrapped around me too. I am about 20 feet away from a fireplace.

It's really starting to just flat out piss me off. Kinda weird I think but I am feeling really angry and there is no other reason I can think of for that. So, I am going to go get in my bed, with my flannel sheets, turn my electric blanket up to 10 and leave it there until I thaw out!

Stupid winter.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Hello There

I haven't posted in forever...literally, two and a half years. Not really sure what I am going to say. I am just trying to be a little more productive and I think maybe writing is more productive than playing games on my phone. Rob tells me I should post about the nonsense that goes on in my school. I am not sure that is such a good idea. Probably get fired.

Anyway, it had been so long since I posted I didn't remember my log-in information. It took me forever to get that sorted out and then dinner was ready. Now I have laundry to fold so, I'll try again tomorrow!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Tattoo

Rob and I got tattoos yesterday. I am putting the pictures on here for those of you who don't have myspace and facebook. The concept was Rob's idea and I decided the night before we would get the same thing.

It's an ambigram of our names. Mine is on my ankle, right side up is his name, upside down it's mine. Rob got his on his arm, my name is right side up on his...and he got black, not purple. Right now it's all red and I have no idea if my other tattoo was like that since I couldn't see it very well.

I have nothing else to talk about really. I'll be raking leaves soon. Woohoo!